Big Pharma and the HealthCare Industry’s Massive Greed and Corruption Discussed at the National Debate on CNN

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Politicians in the National Debate on CNN This Week Charged Big Pharma and the HealthCare Industry with massive greed and corruption. They are a $3.3 Trillion/Year Industry.

I want to send this email without anything about sales. We have a massive problem with our political system that is affecting all of us. It will take you about 2.5 minutes to read it and hopefully take more time to think about it and act on it.

Joe Hammond

Politicians in the National Debate on CNN This Week Charged Big Pharma and the HealthCare Industry with massive greed and corruption. They are a $3.3 Trillion/Year Industry.

I watched the political debate and found the comments about big pharma, and our over 3.3 trillion dollar healthcare debacle, interesting. Many of the candidates stated terrible things about the healthcare industry. They said there are two lobbyists representing big pharmacy for every member of the House of Representatives and the Senate. They also said the 3.3 Trillion dollar per year, HealthCare Industry and ‘Big Pharma’ were riddled with greed and corruption. No one in the group disputed these statements.

I checked this out, and the number one lobbyist group donating to politicians in Washington is big pharma. If you want to check what each Member of the House and each Senator get each year from them, go to this web site. “OpenSecrets.org” It is the center for responsive politics. There is a search box at the top of the page, type in “Donations to Congress from Pharmaceuticals” and click the magnifier.

Click the first box at the top of the page and on the right you can click the House or the Senate to get a list of everyone and the amount of money they received from Big Pharmacy on the year shown on the left. On the left you can change the year to see what they received in previous years. Some have received millions over the years.

You can also click the 5th box down on the fist search click to see,

Senators publicly grill ‘Big Pharma’ executives after accepting millions from their industry


Ironic, isn’t it, how hard can they prosecute when they are going against the group that is paying them millions.

The Bottom Line

Okay, it is good that some politicians are admitting that they see the elephant in the room. No one that has looked at the world picture of healthcare can argue with the fact that the United States Healthcare conglomerate is out of control with greed and corruption. The problem is that the people in government who have sworn to protect the country and our people are being paid off by the groups they are supposed to protect us from.

If you are looking at this fact from a pure logical analysis, how does it work that the people elected by us to protect us from corruption are being paid by the people who are overcharging us with archaic painful procedures when there are better less expensive ways to treat and cure health problems.

The politicians actually changed the laws so that they can accept this money. If you follow the money you will see that politicians become extremely wealthy after a few years in office.

The politicians are not working for the American people, they are working for the corrupt special interest groups that are paying them money.

We need to do something about this, everyone that I talk with knows it is going on, what do you think we can do about it?

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