Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Complete

For healthy arteries, protect your vascular endothelium




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Maintaining endothelial wellness is critical for a healthy cardiovascular system. This formula combines polyphenol-rich pomegranate fruit extracts and seed oil with GliSODin®, an enzyme that helps inhibit oxidative stress, and Cardiose® extract from sweet orange peel to promote healthy circulation. These ingredients work together to encourage endothelial function.

Protecting the endothelial cells that line blood vessels is critical for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Complete Benefits

  • Promotes blood vessel & circulatory health & function
  • Helps inhibit inflammatory factors to support cardiovascular health
  • Supports endothelial cell health & function
  • Helps protect blood vessel lining from oxidative stress
Powerful Ingredients to Support Endothelial Health

Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Complete combines potent ingredients to support the endothelium, the cells that line the inside of your blood vessels. Pomegranate is known for its rich polyphenol content, promoting healthy inflammatory response to support metabolic and cardiovascular health. This formula utilizes the powerful compounds in the seed, the flower and the fruit of the pomegranate.