Liver Efficiency Formula

Support your liver at the cellular level



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Liver Efficiency Formula helps support liver function by encouraging healthy mitochondrial energy output in liver cells and by helping to safeguard your liver against oxidative stress by encouraging the production of the body’s two most potent antioxidant compounds: glutathione and super oxide dismutase, or SOD.

Your liver is one hard-working organ. Help your liver cells produce the energy they need with Liver Efficiency Formula.

Liver Efficiency Formula Benefits

  • Encourages healthy mitochondrial energy output in liver cells
  • Promotes healthy glutathione & superoxide dismutase production
  • Helps protect vulnerable liver cells from oxidative stress

What is schisandra extract?

Schisandra chinensis (Chinese magnolia vine) is prized for its ability to promote liver health and inhibit oxidative stress.

Why add SOD (superoxide dismutase)?

This is a potent, naturally occurring antioxidant that helps inhibit the effects of oxidative stress on your body.

Show Your Liver Some Love

The liver is a large glandular organ responsible for processing vitamins and nutrients from your food into forms that can be used by your body, recycling compounds such as iron from red blood cells, synthesizing plasma proteins, producing important hormones, secreting bile and converting sugars into glycogen. The liver is also responsible for the body’s normal detoxification processes.