Optimized Tryptophan Plus

Enhanced support for healthy sleep, mood, response to stress



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A lack of sleep can cause stress, and stress can lead to a lack of sleep. Break the cycle and support healthy sleep with our Optimized Tryptophan Plus. It provides 1,000 mg of L-tryptophan that has undergone rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure quality and purity.

Optimized Tryptophan Plus supports healthy sleep patterns and helps modulate the biological response to stress.

Optimized Tryptophan Plus Benefits

  • Supports healthy sleep & mood by maintaining healthy tryptophan levels
  • Helps modulate your biological response to stress
  • Promotes satiety for healthy weight management
  • Includes nutrients to encourage healthy tryptophan activity

What is tryptophan?

It’s not just in turkey: L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that promotes sleep, supports mood health, and encourages a healthy stress response.

Why did we add hops extract?

Hops compounds help protect DNA from damage, promote healthy cellular function and can even help relieve hot flashes associated with menopause.

Support Sleep, Stress & Weight Management

Most people only know of tryptophan from their Thanksgiving dinner. But this essential amino acid does more than simply make you sleepy after you’ve had a big meal. Our Optimized Tryptophan Plus provides 1,000 mg of L-tryptophan per serving to support healthy sleep, help modulate our biological response to stress and even promote satiety to help support healthy weight management.