Why Choose Us?

By Joe Hammond

Hammond Life Extension is a wholesale dealer for Life Extension, the most trusted source of supplements in the World. Life Extension has been in business for 40 years and have their own doctors and scientists on staff who actually come up with new supplements after doing clinical trials to test the results. I personally was one of the participants in one of the clinical trials. It was well done with periodic blood tests, and carefully documented throughout the full length of the trial. Life Extension has 40 years of research dedicated to bringing you premium, scientifically-validated formulations.

98% of our customers recommend us
to family and friends. Life Extension is proud to be recognized as the #1 Catalog/Internet Brand—3 years running.

The vitamins and supplements purchased from Hammond Life Extension, are drop shipped directly from Life Extension distribution, to you.

Our Medical doctors, nutritionists & other health professionals provide personalized solutions to help you achieve optimal health.

40 years of research dedicated to bringing you premium, scientifically-validated formulations.

99% of our products are manufactured in the U.S. Our facility is NSF GMP registered, and a Certificate of Analysis is available for every product we produce.

Lab testing services- More than 200 tests available Tests can ascertain what essential supplements you need so that you can take only the supplements needed, instead of guessing. Ordering lab tests through Life Extension® is quick and easy. Just complete the requisition form and take it to a nearby LabCorps Center. They will then collect your blood, urine or saliva. When the results come in, give us a call. Our Wellness Specialists will help review your results. Plus, print out a copy and take it with you to your next doctor’s visit.

We share a Directory of Innovative Doctors and Health Practitioners. This is a worldwide listing of physicians and health practitioners who practice or have expressed interest in preventative medicine, anti-aging therapies or longevity. Invariably, they welcome individuals who choose to be involved in their own health care.

DISCLAIMER: Inclusion in the Directory of Innovative Doctors and Health Practitioners does not constitute endorsement by Life Extension, nor are these physicians or other health practitioners affiliated with Life Extension.

One of my objectives is to keep a database of the supplements all of us are taking and analyze the results and share that information with everyone. We will always look for new products that are being developed so that you have the best combination of supplements in the most effective doses that keep your brain active, keep your cells functioning at peak efficiency, and keep you healthy.

My goal is to enable us to live well past 100 in great health and to develop a database with all of our results so that we can prove that following this plan and taking the necessary supplements will enable us to extend our lifespan, in great health, that no government or prescription drug company can question